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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

I have to support the "do something about it" advice. If not faced and tackled - even if the solution is a decision to nothing - problems fester and rarely improve. You don't need to be a relationship counseller to realise that.

As regards more practical problems in life, complaining is fine: for fun or just to let off some steam, but it helps no-one unless there is some positive action to improve the situation.

You have to accept nothing. As in the film the Untouchables as Sean Connery says as he lies bleeding to death in the hall: "What are you prepared to do now to get Capone". It all about the sacrifices you are prepared to make to achieve something.

I'm sure the Americans among us will recognise the attitude.


"Dear Migros CEO,
I am an expat in Zürich and I lead a busy here in Switzerland , and this means I have little time to shop during the week. Therefore I strongly urge you to tackle at government level a move to Sunday shopping with whatever compromises and community offsets are necessary to make it a reality. Many of my colleagues including the swiss agree that some relaxation is necessary.

Might I suggest as migros use their influence in providing sport facilities to the local community as a sweetener for the expansion plans ?

I would also recommend further directed research into the real sea change towards liberalisation of trading in this country.... blah blah blah blah blah
lots of love ,
whinging dave xxx"

As for the alternative - do something about it. Please tell me how I could help affect change in the Sunday shopping example? If there's something I could do to help the process, I would. Not being allowed to vote doesn't help either. So I just have to accept it. No, I'm not about to disrupt my entire life to leave the country because of it, but please allow me to complain about it once in a while.
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