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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

What they need is a lever. How about :

1. Out of town shopping centres with free sports facility access on Sundays (only if the whole complex is allowed to open of course)

2. Limited opening of a choice 4hrs on Sunday for shops under 500sqm (a local shop for local people - we'll have no trouble here )

3. Bribe the churches

4. Limit the range of products that can be sold on Sunday, and progress by creep.

5. Establish "tourist zone" shops which would help the little guys too.

The last time I wrote a letter was to the chairman of M&S in UK as they were unable to deliver my furniture or give a forecast date. It got published in the Sun newspaper and I made 25quid out of it at least

The only thing that has almost pushed me into a campaign of letter writing recently is the bell ringing competition that can be heard near where I live every evening about 7pm which is completely disproportionate to either tradition or sanity...


DaveA, Interesting idea to write a letter to Migros. I've written to them before, but not about Sunday trading.
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