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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

I really don't like these personal discussions in open forum, as it can sometimes do more harm than good, and the information we are privy-to is very limited.

With that disclaimer, IMO the most important thing is to get enough money coming in to gain some indepedence from your inlaws and get up the Maslow scale...

No options should be ruled out. I work in a very specialised industry, and years ago I had to move away alone to find work and do the weekend commute thang to two young kids. Necessity is the mother of invention. It was no fun, but it got us back on our feet again, and everything improved.

By all means discuss proposals or ask for advice to get out of your situation, but I don't think the "I hate myself" kind of posts will bring helpful responses without the willingness on your part to take some positive steps.


"Failure is not falling down. Failure is not knowing how to get back up again"

this guy is at rock bottom financially and emotionally, he has been living with his wifes parents, his wife is studying here and he has a young child
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