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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

And where, pray tell, might home be? I'm glad that "home" is probably clear for you, but it's not always clear for everyone. I think evilshell summed it up the best with her marriage analogy. It's like saying "My wife is driving me nuts with her nose picking, should I shut up, complain about it (I might feel better) or divorce her?". So lack of shopping on Sundays (amongst a long list of other things) drives me nuts in Switzerland. Am I permitted to complain about it in the complaints corner without being told by an expat that I should go "home" (wherever that may be) if I don't like it?

You see, not everyone is as well integrated as you. People are frustrated because they don't feel as though they are permitted to complain about the things that bother them because the Swiss will give them the "if you don't like it go home" routine. That's why the complaints corner was set up - not so they could hear the same thing from an expat!

As for the alternative - do something about it. Please tell me how I could help affect change in the Sunday shopping example? If there's something I could do to help the process, I would. Not being allowed to vote doesn't help either. So I just have to accept it. No, I'm not about to disrupt my entire life to leave the country because of it, but please allow me to complain about it once in a while.

I understand that your comments were to a poorly thought out one-post wonder (, but your response was equally poorly thought out. If you'd read the rest of the thread you'd also see that he got a roasting from other people, but nobody else resorted to the like or leave it routine.

So now I have some news for you and any others who don't like the complaining and offer the "if you don't like it you should leave" rhetoric:

This is the complaints corner. If you don't want to listen to complaining, then you can leave (the complaints corner).
Hi Mark!

'Home' was Nicky's choice of words, but I'd say it's where you feel most comfortable. I wrote earlier, '...if you don't like it here you should do something about it, even if it means going home.' I'm saying that leaving is a valid option if you genuinely don't like it here. I'm not saying you should leave if you only have a problem with, say, a lack of Sunday shopping. It's when you blame the country for your overall unhappiness that you should reconsider where you call home. It's not meant as an f-off. It's a suggestion that you should move to a place where you'd be happier.

Here is how I dealt with the lack of Sunday shopping and early shop hours: I accepted it and changed my habits. I shop when the stores are open and go to the train or gas station shops when I need something essential after-hours. It no longer bothers me. I applaud DaveA for his action and hope it leads to something.

For the nose picking analogy I would try to help her break -what most of us would consider- the bad habit. There are other options to shutting up, complaining, or leaving: Do something about it. should leave the country. Perhaps I'm slightly defensive of Switzerland, but I'd have the same opinion if he moved to my home country and called all the people, 'complete idiots and fools'. Heck, it was he who wrote that he wanted to leave because he hates it so much. I'm agreeing with him.

I've done reasonably well at integrating but it wasn't an accident. It's when I stopped complaining about petty issues and started accepting that I live in a foreign country that I began to adapt. I only wish I had figured this out earlier.

You're right, this is the complaints corner. So let's all complain! ;-)

Many thanks for the reply. cheers, chris
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