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GA or U-Abo(TNW) plus Halbtax

I'm trying to figure out if I should pay 2990 CHF/year for a GA or 670 CHF/year for a U-Abo within the greater Basel area (TNW) plus the 150 CHF/year for the SBB Halbtax card. My daily commute is within the TNW area and would thus, be covered by either the GA or TNW option.

TNW + Halbtax costs 2170 CHF/year less (180 CHF/month) than a GA. To make the GA worthwhile, I would have to travel for leisure for (on average) more than 360 CHF/month at regular fares (which would cost me 180 CHF the with Halbtax card). That sounds like a lot of train travel.

I figure that in my situation a GA would not make sense; I'd have to travel almost every week-end to make it worthwhile. Am I correct? Opinions? Thoughts?
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