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Assura Health Insurance system


This is the first time that I have had some hospital bills to pay.

When I started working I just had the person in the local insurance shop sort out all the things I needed. I understand that I have the health insurance policy from Assura, paying approx. 300CHF per month, and I have 500CHF excess.

I just spoke to them now, and they say that I should pay the bills myself now. They are less than the 500CHF excess so I should keep the bills until the end of this calendar year. If in the time between now and the end of the year I have some more bills, and the total is now more than 500CHF, I can THEN send them in.

I also asked how they can see that I've paid them, since I pay all my stuff on the banking website and get no receipts or anything. They said it doesn't matter, just send the bills.

This seems a bit silly to me. I pay for the insurance so they should do the paperwork! For my car I just go to the garage and tell them I have insurance and everything is done, no questions. The only bills I get are from the car insurance company.

Is this normal? Do Assura have different policy options or something that may cost more or less?

Do different companies offer different services? I have heard other people with a company called 'CSS'?

Is there any health insurance system where I just give my policy details to the doctor or hospital or whatever and it's just sorted out?

Thanks, James.
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