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Re: Lazy parents make happy families

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We were always nagging each other to get out of the house earlier and make the most of our day with the kids. Our son still wanted to play but we would tell him to get dressed and go somewhere.

The last year has seen me being very lazy. No scheduled activities at all. No swimming, turnen or skiing classes that we needed to get to on time and I have found our lives have been so much less stressful and happier.

Instead of trying to get out and organising something, we go out alone with the kids, give them our undivided attention, play with them and enjoy our precious time with them.

I was listening to my colleague just yesterday arranging tennis, swimming, ballet, horse riding and ice skating lessons for her kids and I was thinking that I should be doing this too.

I came accross this article this morning:

How scheduled is your life? I didn't put my son into local kindergarten (first year) so we would have some flexibility on attendance. I didn't want him going there 5 mornings a week. We do try to teach things through play, like times tables, how things work and at the moment all about vege gardens. A lazy afternoon in the garden keeps my kids happier than a long day out.
A lot of the "rushing children here and there" comes from the American culture. The so-called "having it all" syndrome. In Switzerland being a "laid-back parent" is nothing new. The idea that rushing children to a bunch of activities makes them...what? You fill in the blank. Children aren't postal packages to be dropped of and picked up at various points...Good for you that you have a better understanding of your life in relation to your children...
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