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Re: Lazy parents make happy families

I don't think I agree with either extreme to be honest.

I don't think kids should not do any activities at all other than hang out at home with their parents or potter round the house. Most kids want to play with other kids - and I find that boys especially seem to want to get out and play with other boys. And do "boy stuff" like riding their bikes through the mud and playing football in the park - skinning knees and poking sticks at each other.

But I also don't think that kids should be forced into doing hundreds of activities that they don't want to do. Ferried around from school to French lessons to Violin to a playdate their parents arranged with a friend across town.

For me, balance is what's important.

My older son needs a lot of activities. He's just a very active boy and things can get nasty if he's not busy with something or other. As a toddler it was imperative to get him out of the house every day for at least 2 or 3 hours - whatever the weather - otherwise he'd frankly go a bit nuts.

My own parents were totally laid back - or lazy - or whatever you want to call it. We never went anywhere, or did any activities at all. As a result I was completely socially inept for a long time. The only person I really wanted to hang out with was my mum and I never had many friends. I was totally jealous of all my friends who did brownies/guides and ballet and horse riding and swimming. I never did anything. In the end I convinced myself that my parents wouldn't let me do those things because I was useless. Of course now I don't blame them - most of it was due to a simple lack of money, but I didn't really get that at the time. I only saw them not giving a damn about what I wanted (kids are generally selfish you know!)

Anyway, the long and short of it is, balance as I said. A few activities, a social life with other kids around the same age, and some down time too, this is what makes a happy family life in our home.
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