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Re: Lazy parents make happy families

Also feeling much less guilty about whole weekend afternoons spent faffing about then realising it's 5 o'clock and we have bugger all to show for it. Can't even claim to have been creative or particularly mumsy during that time either.

If I still lived in the UK, social services would be onto me for being a terminally dull parent.
Sounds like my today, actually.... Didn't get out at all, really. I made bagels and a ginger cake, read a bit, took a nap and the kid just colored a bit and played in her room much of the day and, when asked if she'd like to go outside since it was such a nice day refused rather determinedly (much to my own dismay as I would have enjoyed a walk outside).

I have a really difficult time scheduling fun stuff on the weekend, too, as ever since we moved here I chucked the stroller and she is insufferable when tasked with walking for any length of time which makes for miserable outings so I've given up a bit, though will at least appeal to my masochistic side at least every other weekend and keep trying something fun only to be disappointed. But...I still feel a bit guilty that we're not out doing something more interesting on the weekends...even the zoo would be a nice change of pace, but it's impossible when she's already sitting on the ground, shrieking like she's being beaten and drawing glares, claiming that her legs hurt and she can't walk about 100m from the tram stop. Mind, this same child exhibits none of said pain on the way back....(and I did take her to the doc to have her legs examined, but I think her pediatrician is not a shrink. ).

I, too, am a terminally dull parent but it's all that much more difficult when being enabled by my kid and feeling a bit worried that she's going to blame me for the therapy later in life that I wasn't more fun.
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