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Re: Office etiquette: should kisses be banned?

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I hear far too many stories here of new female workers who feel obligated to partake in these rituals
If they feel obligated, then that is their problem.

I feel obligated to be offended when somebody tries to shove some religious bull crap like Christmas down my throat, but I don't make it their problem or demand that it be removed from the local traditions.

I mean come on, in the fairness of equality and equal rights, the majority have an equal right to their rituals. Nobody is forcing anybody else to take part. They may not feel you don't fit in if you don't but then they have a perfectly valid point and it is their country.

If somebody forces them, then it is the other person's fault. That simple.

All these stories you hear, please tell me more. I am fascinated as I never hear any of them except for sometimes from expats on Internet forums. I have certainly never heard one in the work place.

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In my experience, it's usually a proscht! or cheers of the alcoholic beverage.....but again, this would also be unacceptable in a work place
Once again, not in most European companies that I have worked for where an occasional beer over lunch or a beer or two in the evenings with your co-workers is not only considdered to be traditional but also helps build great teams and good work environments.

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really? there are so many threads, where people growl at each other. i would have though, the meetings would be a place where they settle their disputes.. vendetta, duels and stuff ;-)
Wet kippers at 40 paces is another fair standard.
Living it up in Gersau.
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