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Re: Sharing my flat (sublet ?)

Make sure your roommate has insurance that covers the household stuff. Will save you allot of arguing.

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I have researched the forum a little bit (on "sublet") but could not answer my questions

I am going to share my flat (in ZH) with another foreigner

My landlord is ok with that but does not want to do any paperwork.

So I thought, the future flatmate would still need some piece of paper to be able to register at the kreisburo.

On my side, a sublet contract can give me some legal basis for rent, degradations ... (I was in a flatshare before and I had to sign a contract for the room.)

Apart from the pain of filling these papers in german , do you see any other pros/cons ?
If I sublet a room in my flat, do I have to pay tax on the payments received ?
Do you know the procedure ?

I will continue searching the forum meanwhile since I'm convinced this has been already discussed.

Many thanks
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