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Re: Cablecom - erroneous invoices

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Can you go back to where you signed the contract with the nice sales guy?

It looks like nobody was in your flat before and they charged you extra for the the technician to come and visit you. If you connected it yourself you wouldn't have had to pay the following,
Basic Abonnement Kabelanschluss, von 1.9.2011 - 31.12.2011, 92.80chf
Service Plus, von 1.9.2011 - 31.12.2011, 8chf
upc cablecom charge two components:
1. cable connection fee
2. additional service subscriptions
They even appear on two different invoices, and at different times.

Building cable connection (Basic Abonnement Kabelanschluss): this is the connection to the building & apartment, charged on a per apartment basis. In many apartment buildings the building owner pays direct, and then on-charges you as a hidden component of the rent.
But if the building owner doesn't want to pay direct, then the apartment tenant has to pay the monthly cable connection fee (billed quarterly).

The connection fee delivers you the cable TV service, with around 30 or so analog TV channels, around 30 or so analog radio channels, and a 300kb/s internet connection (which you ring up and ask for, they send you the modem for a one-off charge)

If you want more than the above: eg if you want digital TV, or higher speed internet, or digital phone, you then purchase extra subscriptions, which are payable on top of the cable connection fee.
The salesman was selling you the extra subscription.
It sounds like he did not inform you of the cable connection fee.

What you should do now is check with your landlord whether he pays the cable connection fee. If you are lucky, he is already paying it, and upc cablecom made a mistake charging you.
If the landlord is not paying the cable connection fee, then you have to pay it yourself. There is no getting out of it, unless you cancel the service.
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