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UK Woman too fat to migrate to New Zealand,23599...-23109,00.html

Richie Trezise, an English submarine cable specialist headhunted for a job with Telecom, was forced to slim down before the New Zealand Immigration Service would let him in, the New Zealand Press Association reported.
He was denied an employer-backed talent visa when he failed the body mass index (BMI) test, a fat measurement using a person's height and weight.
According to reports, Mr Trezise's BMI was 42, making him morbidly obese under New Zealand Immigration guidelines.

Mr Trezise was forced to go on a crash diet to lose weight and 5cm from his waist and passed the test to start work in New Zealand in September.

Mr Trezise's wife Rowan is still in Britain attempting to meet BMI requirements before joining her husband in New Zealand.
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