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Re: Hungarian sex workers flooding to Zurich

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What's worse, selling your body, or your mind?

A body is just a body (and a bath will clean it just fine), a mind is who you are.

Think about it.

I don't think it works that way. If you are forced you sell your body, you are also forcing your mind to accept that this is what you deserve or what you really are. Emotional and physical abuse go hand in hand in cases of coerced prostitution.

Unsurprisingly, those women or girls who are abducted or tricked into the prostitution business are, first of all, repeatedly raped and persuaded they are nothing but scum by whoever "owns" them. This breaks their will to fight or try to escape. Often their passport or other personal ID document is withheld, and other form of threats (real or simply "psychological") are used to keep them in line.

Of course not all prostitutes are forced into the business. I knew a girl for instance who had been a hooker to pay college. In her case, yes, she really did sell only her body not her mind. To her, it was really nothing but business and having met her later, when she had already given that up, I never thought there was something shameful about her past. She has never given up her dignity. To be honest, I felt nothing but respect for her intelligence, iron will and personality. She was one of the most interesting and intellectually stimulating people I've ever met.
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