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Re: Hungarian sex workers flooding to Zurich

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I wouldn't be a customer, I find it distasteful and it turns my stomach.
Genuine question: why does it turn your stomach then? I mean, I know various reasons why it turns mine, but then I also think it's wrong to pay for sex.
Other things that turn my stomach include cleaning up vomit and force-feeding a disabled child (and yes I do both of those periodically) but they both have a yuck-factor that as far as I can tell isn't present in buying sex.

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And I'll bet if we get a foreclosure thread going there will be plenty of comments like,'Oh they should have planned ahead, it's not the bank's fault they missed a few payments', or a sweatshop thread,'well, business is business, one has to do what's necessary to compete in a global market'. Yeah yeah. So a chick decides to take a job selling her bod rather than be a cashier at the Relay, now the world is really going rotten. Ha!
Of course there will be those comments, but is this thread actually any different? Several people on here have made the same sort of comments about prostitution. And also, this argument in other words says "people do other dastardly things and some of us probably think those are ok so none of us can take the moral high ground on buying sex". Um, some people thought the IRA was alright so the rest of us can't really complain about Al Qaeda? Or maybe we could all just get wise about both.

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Why? Why is it wrong?
All right, here's one reason: most people in the world agree that sex is something you give (by your own choice) and that is in some way related to love. Even people who go in for one night stands will probably expect faithfulness from their partner when they later have one. Even cheating husbands are horrified to find out that she is cheating too! (And presumably vice versa). Why? You don't expect your partner to only ever cook for you, and no one else, or only ever talk to you and no one else, etc. So there is something special about sex, somehow. Maybe it's just evolutionary hardwiring, but it's still there. (Maybe saying murder is wrong is just evolutionary hardwiring too, after all, but we don't argue with that, strangely enough).

Selling sex makes it cheap, in my view. And 500 dollars an hour is cheap compared to investing your time and energy into a relationship, even one that only lasts a few weeks. It's the perks of love (well one of them anyway) without most of the downsides. Funnily enough, when people in other areas of life want all the perks without any of the responsibilities, many of us tend to call them "scroungers" or in the case of CEOs "b*****ds" and, yes, consider it wrong. (That is probably a grossly inadequate comparison but with a toddler pulling on my arm going "Wii Fit! Wii Fit!" it's the best I can do for now).

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If paying for sex is wrong, is it not also wrong to not actively save the girls on the corner? How much distance is needed to justify inaction?
Good video! And I agree, it is. Maybe pointing out that using their services is supporting the human trafficking industry, as in this thread, is also part of the active saving? Like someone else said, take away the demand and the supply should eventually dry up. (And none of us know what each of the others is doing about it in real life - perhaps we all run safe houses for ex-prostitutes!)
Can you suggest some ways people could help? I know of one good place to start:
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