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Re: Hungarian sex workers flooding to Zurich

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The males were becoming very thin and weak whilst the females appeared to be getting fat, the males also seemed to be earning far less credits than the females. Cameras were installed and surprise surprise, rather than turn the lever to earn credits the females had simply invented prostitution, screwing the males in return for credits. Quite hilarious at first but upon reflection a very disturbing experiment.

Lesson 1) Money IS the root of all evil.
Lesson 2) Men who frequent prostitutes are no better than beasts.
In many primate species, sex is not just a means to reproduction but has various other aspects which is why it is so hard-wired into our brains. In polygamous groups, the alpha male gets the most females and the females associated with him are the higher ranking in the group which is why they compete for his favours. For the females, sex is thus a means to better their own position. The other males get less sex and mostly with the females who aren't attached to the alpha, and if any starts attracting too many females he is a threat to the alpha which is why power struggles ensue.

Much of our primitive hard wiring has been cached and re-programmed by civilisation and education. But some of the patterns are still there. That is why for example rich and succesful men tend to be more attractive for women (think of Tiger Woods). A woman who trades ethics for riches and decides to become a gold digger is popularly considered a whore, and that's because she's just doing a more sophiscticated version of what a prostitute is doing, ie courting males with low moral values but enough spare cash to get a share of that cash.
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