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Re: Lazy parents make happy families

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The only thing I've made non-negotiable is learning to swim. My son had absolutely no interest in swimming as a leisure activity, but grudgingly agreed at age 6 or 7 that most adults seem to be able to swim, so he must have to learn at some point and it may as well be now. He did one-to-one lessons in order to minimise the timeline for both of us, and was swimming within 4 or 5 lessons. He finished the course of 10 lessons able to swim a length of the adult-sized pool (our agreed target). I did ask if he'd now like to do group classes for fun and improvement, but nope. Now, aged 11, he can swim well enough to lark about with his mates at the pool without me having to hover and supervise. At some point, I imagine social pressure will make him want to develop better technique to impress girls.
I agree that learning to swim is non-negotiable, but I found the beginners classes plain useless until my son could dive comfortably. We gave it more practice and started taking him twice a week. I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in swimming lessons since we are at the pool all afternoon one day a week anyways. My son is in level 1 again (but 1+ this time), but in 3 weeks with a small group they started crawl and he's now jumping off the diving board and swimming to the edge. 50m is a great goal - we are at about 15m now with some dog paddling for some air It helps that his little sister loves the water and can be longer in the water now that she's older. She has been swimming with floaties and going under water since about 1 1/2.
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