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Re: Postdoc tax question

Hi Rodi,

I will hold a personal MC fellowship (IEF). Is there any information about the "special taxation and pension contributions" on the web? Does special mean that I would be invited to pay taxes twice?

There's plenty of info on the taxation of MC fellowships on the net - in fact, if memory serves, there are links directly from the MC website. However, all of this info relates to MC fellowships taking place in EU-17 states. In my opinion (and please bear in mind I have only second-hand experience of the MC scheme) your situation is a little special, since you'll be working in a non-EU country.

Certainly, you will not be taxed twice. In fact, you may have some control over where you are taxed, but I doubt it. I would guess that you will pay tax in the country in which you reside during the period of your MC fellowship - presumably Switzerland. This is probably a good thing - taxation in Switzerland is quite low. In Aargau (near Zurich) I take home 75% of my Gross (Brutto) salary after all taxes/pension/insurance, etc. is subtracted.

Right now I'm still in the UK. In the UK at some universities you pay tax on the "mobility allowance", while for others it is tax-free. This is why I'm curious to hear if things in Switzerland are handled more uniformly.

This sounds a little odd. Taxation is not set by the university, but by the government (local, or nantional). There are two possible scanarios that explain your experience:

1) Some universities are "forgetting" to declare the mobility allowance, when they should.

2) Some universities are mistakenly declaring the mobility allowance, when they shouldn't.

I'm sure you've been in the academic system long enough to realise that with the inept administartion plaguing most universities, both of these scenarios are far from impossible!

Thank you very much for your answer! If I learn something new on the issue, I'm happy to post it here.

Please do! The reason I post answers/info now, is because of all the useful info I found on the forum in the past.

Good luck with your Fellowship!

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