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Re: Question for US expats on extra-judicial killings

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What you are proposing is returning to the stone ages (or perhaps just 19th century Albania with honor killings etc.).

Some questions:
- how do you know Awliki is the cause behind intentional killing? you trust the US government on this?
- this pragmatic self-defense you propose... would be a principle all could claim? reason for asking is because it appears to be a very good argument for say an Iran to get nuclear weapons, North Korea to have them, etc.

Counter question: if somebody killed your mother, claiming the right to self-defense... would you not then want to kill (and feel justified in doing so) this killer in return?
You are deliberately mixing situations for the sake of intellectual debate. When you are looking down the barrel of a loaded gun or flying through the air, wondering whose arm that is flying by, you are not considering intellectual debates.

Where you have the time and space to reflect on your own position and that of others seeking resolution, you may do that, however when you are engaging real life situations in real time, your priorities and processes are immediate and pragmatic.

Don't mix apples and oranges and engage in intellectual debates if you are not experienced and in possession of all pertinent info.

Half the world thinks it can talk the other half to death and the other half have had enough of empty talk. Try to resolve that without intellectual debate if you want stop wasting your and everybody else's time and energy.

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