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Re: What Would Be The Swiss Response

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Why would anyone want to critize a country he or she has chosen to live in voluntarily? I mean, if one doesn't like the country one lives in and whose citizenship one has acquired, why not moving somewhere else which fits best one's opinion of what a fantastical country must be? Foreigners getting citizenship of the country they have chosen should always be grateful and respect the country they have been so warmly received in. And no, I'm not swiss, but I love this country.
where are you from originally?

I think Americans are quite nationalistic, or I did until I came to Europe, but we recognize a fundamental thing.

All criticism is not the same.

Example A: "I hate this place, everything is stupid, the people, the culture is f'ed up, the weather sucks, blah blah"

Example B: I think this is a great country, but it might be improved by A and B...what do you think? If not why not?

The responses to A and B in Switzerland are typically some version of "love it or leave it, shut up foreigner, go home"

That does not tend to be the American response, although that response exists, it is the minority, if it was not I could not show you famous personalities on popular well watched stations on American tv as i just have.

We have had countless (and I am sure if put to the test I can name a dozen immigrants) who have fundamentally changed U.S. society or government policy (for the better and worse) in the last 100 years. Most people accept this as normal, and generally good.

But apparently you have found utopia, so...
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