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Re: Best place to buy wood for fire

Hi - I shall be watching this thread with interest. Here in the Neuchatel Jura I suspect that wood (beech and ash) is much cheaper than by the riviera.
The price per stere (1 cubic metre) will be cheaper for fresh wood which will have to be stored for one year- or for older ready to use wood. The price will also depend on the length you want it (we buy ours cut into 33cm lengths).

Where exactly are you in Vaud? How much do you need? and would you be prepared to pay for transport?

Anyway - would be interested to hear from others about the price of a stere (m3) for a/ fresh wood b/1 year old wood (ready to use).

Now I am really concerned about those termites. Are you SURE they were termites??? In which case I'd get a specialist to come and inspect for any infestation before it spreads. Must say I've never heard of termites in Switzerland.

Do you have a covered area to store it? Beech or ash are very hard and should not suffer any kind of insect infestation.
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