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Re: Theft from unlocked car - insurance claim

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My car was left unlocked in my basement garage (locked and not public) and my navigation device was left in the car.

As you can imagine, the device was stolen.

Before I call my insurance company about this, does the fact that the car was unlocked mean it was pure neglegence on my part, making any attempt at an insurance claim futile?

The thieves even had the courtesy to put the cigarette lighter back into the socket after stealing the TomTom charger. The lighter was in the glove compartment.
Gooner, I'd come clean with the insurance company, after all there might be some coverage for you if you'd left the car in a locked garage but not actually locked the car. It's just not worth the hassle if you "bend" the truth with these insurance companies and they find out.

We left our car unlocked (by mistake) outside our block and someone took the CD case. We found it dumped in the bushes nearby because the CD's were all copies (HA HA!). They also nicked the snow chains and, bizarrely, a mucky sponge we kept for wiping the headlamps and whatnot.
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