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Re: Smokers on railway stations

Well lets all face up to the truth.
Without exception, smokers do not use the ash trays. As they are so downright lazy and selfish, it’s much easier for them to just throw them on the floor. Which makes me think, as they probably want to remove the god awful taste from their mouths, it’s probably them chewing on gum and just spitting it out. So if they have no qualms about that, then it wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of rubbish that is strewn about the streets comes from smokers. I mean seriously, you wouldn’t catch a non-smoker acting so outrageously.
Something should be done about these people. The stinking, cancerous fumes that they spew out are adding to the effects of global warming. They are literally killing the planet! And the effects of second hand smoke are causing a record amount of cancers.
What with the overcrowding of the planet, and the frankly criminal actions of this degenerate section of our society, perhaps we really need to start thinking of some drastic action. In order to save the planet perhaps we should think about the death penalty for smokers? I mean, they don’t care about killing you, and as you have no escape in the open air from these people, you WILL get cancer from their old smoke, so why should we care about them and not us and our planet? Think of all the Polar bears we can save! Plus if we get rid of the smokers, we don’t need to worry that the cars we drive are spewing out noxious fumes and adding to climate change – we’ll be offsetting that by removing this criminal element of our society (after that we can move on to motorbikers but that’s another post).
I once saw a woman in a beer garden quite rightly chastising somebody for smoking 2 tables down from her, even though there was nobody near him at all and the wind was blowing the other way. Murderous b@5tard. Thank god they can no longer smoke inside in a bar or a club, at work, on the train, in a plane and now with many new rental contracts, in their own homes! Soon there will be no place left for them!!
Do they have any idea how much money smoking costs the NHS in the UK a year? 5 Billion Pounds!! Ok sure they might contribute a small amount of money to the exchequer, but I’m sure that we can get that 11 Billion pounds a year from another tax that now everybody, including all the non-smokers will have to pay (maybe a tax on masturbation? That way I’m sure there will be a few people paying a lot more than others).
Then we will have no more rubbish on the streets, no more people on the train with their ipods turned up pumping out that annoying music, no more people putting their bags on seats so you can’t sit down, no more hunger or poverty, and if you think about it, the people that barge you off trains or busses MUST be smokers running off for their next fix. Just another reason to get rid of them.

Or, if we think REALLY drastically, I’m talking totally “out there”, we can just acknowledge that every section of society has some anti-social people, smokers/non-smokers, old/young, etc, etc, take a deep breath (smoke free) and move down the platform a little bit.
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