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Re: Smokers on railway stations

I'm sorry, but I have to quite disagree with you.

Being actually allergic to cigarette smoke, I have to pay close attention where I stand. If I see people smoking in places where is actually forbidden, I play the old git and mention the case. Apart from a grumpy tourist, no problem found there.

But if some stranger is blowing the smoke in my face, I politely ask the person to avoid doing it.

And you know what? They do it. Most smokers are actually not aware the smoke is going exactly your direction because the smoking is an automatic gesture and they can't control the wind, unless they are Ororo Monroe. If you politely talk to them, instead of going into a rage filled crusade, it usually works.

I am very happy I am actually able to enter a bar/ restaurant/ disco whatever without having an asphyxiation attack. But at the same time, politeness towards people who enjoy a cigarette solves many problems.

About 80% of the EFrs that I see weekly smoke. I even go out “for a smoke” with them. I only had to tell them once “I’m allergic to smoke”. After that situation no one has smoked in my face, and sometimes they clumsily try to find a place to avoid me, but we still enjoy each other’s company.

And to be honest, this thing of "when in Rome..." is pure nonsense. If I find something utterly wrong in a country I am visiting I am not going to do it just because all the other sheep do it. But I won't be the goat screaming just to be against.

Communication is the base of human relations. Use it. It would solve probably all the problems in this world.

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