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Re: Britain targets 6,000 HSBC accounts in Switzerland

I have to agree with Corbets on this one.

The bank I work for (quite a big one, with plenty of branches in every Canton) has the code of conduct which applies to all branches and employees saying that no customer details are to be revealed UNLESS instructed to do so by relevant authorities. It certainly in NO WAY precludes releasing customer details to relevant authorities.

Having developed and supported our high-net worth CRM tool, I can assure you, for the handful (ok, maybe closer to 300 out of 80,000 employees) that have access to the tool, they can see both account numbers and customer names in most instances and where it is a numbered account, there are certainly identifiers linking it to the client, such as address or contact details.

I think it is James Bond fantasy to think that these clients are invisible in the modern age, but, their details and net worth are only available to a few people, and certainly no-one outside of Switzerland.
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