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TV repair / disposal help

I have a TV languishing in my cellar that I want rid of. It's a big CRT TV with stereo, remote control etc.

It went 'pop' quite a while ago, and me being the miss fix it (i.e. meddle) that I am found a circuit diagram and read up a bit online and took the back off it to have a look. In my very unprofessional capacity, my verdict was that a couple of fuses and a resistor need replacing. However, after a long time intending to get it fixed, in a moment of there's-something-on-I-want-to-watch-frustration I opted for the easier 'go out and buy a cheap new one' solution.

My question is this: does anyone know of a TV repair / second hand TV shop in Zurich that would take it off my hands to repair and sell on themselves? Do these kind of places even exist in Switzerland?

If that's not the case (I guess there's a dwindling market for CRT TVs these days anyway, new or second hand), my only option is to dispose of it myself...

I know that in Switzerland electrical goods have a fee included in the purchase price to cover disposal/recycling costs at the end of its life, which means that you can return it to the store when it's broken.

I know from experience that Eschenmoser, for example, take goods for disposal even if not purchased there, at least small ones... is this generally the case? Could I take it to anywhere that sells TVs, for disposal? The reason I ask is that the TV was given to me by someone leaving CH, so I haven't a clue where it was originally puchased from.

In case it's not obvious, I don't expect anything for it!! I'll just be glad to get it off my hands and clear up the cellar space whilst costing me as little as possible in the process. As it's rather big, it would involve considerable effort (and possibly some expense) for me to move it, so of course it would be even better and be doing me a HUGE favour (and probably extreme wishful thinking) if anywhere does pick-up too!

Thanks heaps for any tips or suggestions.
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