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Asylum seeker - family reunion with a pending decision question

I am an Ethiopian living here in Switzerland Since September 2011 as an asylum seeker and my case is still under process. On the other hand, My wife was here about a year earlier than me but her application for asylum was refused and finalized with repatriation decision.

As I'm legally living and can exercise my family right, I applied for family reunification (as my wife was settled in another region), and the Federal Migration Office give order to regional offices to transfer my wife to my location and keep us together. In addition, the FMO stated that my wife's repatriation decision is kept pending until my (the husband's) case is finalized.

As a result of that, my wife moved from her place to my region. Then the regional migration office giving her "N" ID card with "wegweisung", kept her in a center where peoples are kept until they are assigned to a community based houses. Note that, this center is also a place where many peoples with the negative decisions are permanently kept in.

The amazing decision from my kantonal immigration office comes here: If I need to be with my wife, I can go and live in the center because they can not provide a house to my wife due to her status . Note that, I used to live in this center, and I know it's with many lesser privileges than I have now: lesser pocket money, no education, no work, daily signature for presence etc.

What would I do?

I can't know the exact meaning of the Deutsch word "wegweisung".

Thanks a lot.
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