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Re: Truancy can be expensive...

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We expect children to follow rules but parents don't have to? That's hypocrisy.

I'm glad they enforce the rules. It makes it easier on the kids, teachers and other parents.
I agree with this - for one thing, as has been mentioned above, the teachers have the hassle of one kid who has missed a topic in school and will therefore need some remedial help when they return. Alternatively the have to prepare extra work to be done during the child's holiday which is a bit unfair on the teacher if she has to do this for different kids at different times of the year.

Having said that, I do think it's scandalous that holiday companies bump up prices during school holiday time. We looked at ski accommodation for the Feb half term and baulked at the prices given that the prices the weeks before and after school hols were almost a third cheaper.

Yes, we chose to have kids and chose to take a holiday but, boy, do we pay for it.
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