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Re: Coop caught selling old meat as new

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One of the biggest supermarket chains in the US was busted for doing this same thing about 10 years ago. They wouldn't even repackage the meat. They would just cover up the old stickers with new ones that had later expiration dates.

I've heard, though, that the Swiss are otherwise extremely cautious when it comes to their expiration dates and usually set the dates for much sooner than is really needed. I'm not sure if that's true, but it's something I've been told a few times... and it does seem to me that a lot of foods here have very soon expiry dates.
Looking at it from a different perspective, though, I think there is far worse to be found in those supermarkets that chuck obscene amounts of food out when it's still perfectly edible. If it hadn't been reported with a "greedy financial" light of Coop trying to make a fast buck out of "rotten meat" it wouldn't have looked so bad.

Like Dougal's Breakfast said earlier in the thread, use your nose and eyes to check food whether has gone off or not.

The meat I buy is from the butcher down the road and (checks recent packaging) he doesn't even put a use by date on his stuff.
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