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Re: Coop caught selling old meat as new

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What gets me, is that in all the pictures they show about Coop getting caught selling old me as new there is somebody holding meat without a glove or a utensil.
This doesn't bother me as much as incorrect storage, for example. Coop meat counters don't handle money so there is no contamination there. As long as there are hand washing facilities in use, there is little risk from clean, ungloved hands.

I think I have read on here a link showing that people who use gloves are less precise with their hygiene, relying on a false sense of security with the gloves or tongs.

In all of this stupid episode and high indignance by the media somehow trying to scaremonger I haven't read of any outbreaks of food poisoning.

If there had been outbreaks of E-Coli or Salmonella I think I would have been slightly more concerned.

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Choose your cow and get it sent ASAP - canīt get any fresher than that -

5kg for EUR75 plus EUR15 shipping to Konstanz / Basel border area for beef.
Fresh beef?? No thanks - why doesn't anyone mature the meat any more? Slaughter house to plate in an afternoon
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