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Re: Coop caught selling old meat as new

From my own point of view it's just simply a money saver. A few weeks ago I bought a joint of beef from a butcher in Germany that cost a third of the price I would have paid here. The quality is no better and no worse than here. (LiB - the butcher was also not wearing gloves as far as I remember...).

We're not regular visitors to Germany but it DOES stick in the throat when you see Germans paying unfathomably lower prices for most stuff (they certainly don't live on wages that are a third of their Swiss counterparts). I like shopping here in Switzerland and can't justify chasing up to Germany for every piddly thing but I will definitely do a run up there before Christmas simply because I feel I'm going to be shamelessly ripped off for the same items here in Zurich.
This. Many times this. It is like you read my mind on this thread. Truth be known I'm fairly indifferent to Swiss farmers, you do your job, I do mine. Except I don't get subsidised to the tune on 2 gigabucks annually:

...and yet it still seems cheaper to send lamb from NZ to here than grow it locally.

I'm also yet to appreciate this mythical "quality is better here" that I keep hearing about. Yes quality here is good, and you never see really cheap rubbish (or cheap anything) but it's not that great, given the cost. One thing I miss from back home is the butcher section of the Queen Victoria Market. It's like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of Meat (well...something like that). With or without antibiotics at no extra cost....Actually I miss proper marketplace markets in general. I guess it needs too much space / makes too much noise or mess to work well here.

As for the sausage issue (insert dodgy joke here), yep yourr low end snags in Australia and the UK are indeed filled with filling of questionable origin, but by at the price what do you expect? But what I do miss here is you variety in the sausage dept (insert 2nd dodgy joke here) e.g., the honey chicken, spicy jamaica, lamb & thyme etc....

Dammit, when I go on vacation in December I'm eating red meat and oysters for every freakin' meal....
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