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Re: is your salary fair ? Consider this:

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Indeed. But the other questions weren't smarter. I therefore conclude that you are not that experienced, are you?

a) If you want meaningful info, you'll need to ask a meaningful question. There is no such thing as a clear benchmark what "an IT person" should earn. I don't think anyone can really answer if the UN is "generally" paying better or worse than "the rest of the world". Because there is no clearly defined benchmark what "others" pay and the difference between different roles might be huge - maybe they pay the same for a technician but an experience project manager can make twice the money at a MNC? Who knows?

b) permanent means a work contract without a fixed time period. This is by far the most common form of employment in Switzerland as it is very easy to fire somebody any time. Especially compared to the other European countries where labor laws are much stronger and more in favour of the employee.

c) the UN does not seem to have an issue to get motivated and qualified personnel. So why should they pay the same as a bank? I worked for famous multinationals in Zurich that pay only 2/3 of what UBS or CS pay... because they can. Popular employers do not need to pay that much, simple as that. In short: there is no clear table in which you can look up how much you should get.

P.S: It is roughly the same as in Singapore. Singtel does not pay anywhere near the rates people with the same experience can get in banking IT - but people still love to work for them.
dear Treverus,

my questions arent design to provoke you or anyone in the forum to be irritated or angry. Some people are clever at phrasing their words, some dont. As silly as it is, please do excuse me for my eagerness to ask questions at you guys because afterall, I dont know certain things, that is why I ask questions(be it silly or not).

1) whether it is meaningful or not, you have to understand different
people have different way of talking and communicating, correct ? Of
course asking here would only mean that Im seeking the best answer
that I can get from here, not the accurate answer. yea, who knows ?
that's why to have a more rough idea, I choose to ask in this forum.
Who knows there is someone who work in the HR area that can
enlighten me?

2) oh ? switzerland's employment law is not that strong i suppose.

3) by asking such questions, Im referring to retention of staff rather than
getting staff I agree that there is no clear rate that one would be
able to look at, but at least there should be a market rate i suppose ?
no ? again, which is why I ask in this forum...

people love to work for them ? hhmmm.....there's a lot of employers in Singapore other than Singtel, that I think people would love to join.
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