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Re: is your salary fair ? Consider this:

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Ok, I'll give it a second try - slowly and friendly.

You either have an offer at the UN or believe you'll get one. Now you want to know if it is a good place to work at financially.

But if you don't tell us anything
- about your role except that it has something to do with IT
- about your education and work experience
- how much you are offered

how could you possibly get an answer? Yes, even if somebody works in HR can he not read your mind...

So if you have a concrete question, you'll get usually great help on this forum. Vague dribble usually gets hammered as it fills up otherwise helpful threads... this is not a cultural difference but happens even more so on the Singaporean expat forums.
are you a singaporean ?

unfortunately, neither do i have any offer from UN or going to get offer anytime nearby time soon. But I certainly would like to know about their working environment. You just answered my question saying that permanent employment exists in UN, which i thought it doesnt exist...everything is on contractual terms...

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