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Tell me I'm being paranoid...

As this week unfolds with the latter part giving rise to the first steps of European financial centralisation driving by the French & Germans, incentivised by the Americans and being justified by the private sector are we going to become the first ever human generation to be privatised?

I can see the following taking place:

1st. This week - The Euro is rescued at the last moment by global central banks creating a European fiscal superstate overseen and governed by private interests.

2nd. Friday to March 2012 - Gold hitting all time lows as the Euro rises and fiat currency begins to regain its credibility, investors worldwide praising the intervention of the banks taking action whilst governments faffed around. The calm before the storm.

3rd. March 2012+ - A major event happens that threatens the flow of oil and the USDs credibility of supporting its price.

4th Until Summer 2012 - The propaganda of the fear mongers goes into full swing decimating the value of the USD.

5th. Summer 2012 - The world calls for the saviours of the Euro to rescue the dollar, the banks refuse until no other option is sold as viable.

6th. Autumn 2012 -The banks concede on the condition of the creation of a global currency controlled by them giving them global fiscal control. The world agrees and it is done. Private ownership of Gold and other precious metals becomes illegal.

7th. Winter 2012 - Playing on the pre-conditioned fears of major changes predicted to take place the later part of the year by the Mayans & the Gopi and heavily promoted by vested interests, out of the shadows the new world government emerges revealing their plans to save humanity.

Before 01/01/13 The 1st human cull justified by global warming effects begins, resistance is useless and there is no where to hide as you are now company property surplus to requirements....

The Future - A global perpetual dictatorship controlling a chipped select slave work force serving the pleasure of an elite few, who use technology to evolve the human race.

This week is the beginning of the end as we know it !

Please tell me I'm going mad and I should self block Youtube
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