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Re: Tell me I'm being paranoid...

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banks being privatized......tell me something that hasnt been happening in the last....well wait they have always been private (Rothschild family ring a bell)

As for your Mayan calendar thing....even the Mayans today are embarrassed at how the west made it into a doomsday proficy. How big of a rock do you think they had to write on....

The dollar collapsing......yeah I think it would be rather the other way around given that the currency of the world is well Dollars.

Go read a scientific book and quit watching doomsday youtube.

btw you notice how many doomsday predictions there have been in the past?

Anthony I wrote the post because I did watch a number of Youtube links, some credible sources and some quite not so and because I have a bit of spare time

However, to put a few points straight that you have pointed out, central banks on the whole have always been privately owned but never in human history has a privately owned bank been able to do anything apart from advise or threaten a government, given fiscal control they will be able to openly dictate policy to governments, admittedly initially only on fiscal matters but money makes the world go round so how deep and how far they go only time will tell.

If a country is indebted to a bank backed by the labour of it's people the people of that country will become property of the bank.

I'm with you about the Mayan calendar but it has provoked a lot of interest and a massive following believing it, a lot of money has been made on the back of it too...

The dollar is at the moment the global currency but it is not an official one therefore it could easily be replaced, an official world currency has been the aspiration of many wannabe dictators for a very long time...

Read a book ? That is so last year, send me a link

I don't know how many times doomsday has been predicted, I just know the end is nigh
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