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Re: Tell me I'm being paranoid...

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Are you sure? The US Federal Reserve is owned by various banks, ie. it's not owned nor controlled by the US gov't.

Anyway, see this as a stop gap measure to "fix" the problem then spin out of it and re-instate all the old currencies. Well, that would be nice wouldn't it?
Yes I'm sure, the private banks that own the federal reserve have no connection to the government in the US or any other government unless of course they have large share interests akin to the RBS which was bailed out by the UK taxpayers and of course the first casualty Northern Rock which is soon to be Virgin money...I don't recall saying that the Fed was a US government interest, as they say the Federal Reserve is as Federal as Federal Express.

It would be very nice and you've made it sound very easy but unfortunately the interests that control money will not give it up so easily, especially when the prize is the planet...
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