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Re: Moving out : Interesting Case

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If your only aim is to leave the property you could do this

Write to your landlord a letter something along these lines:


I have just found out that I do not have a legal right to stay in Switzerland so i am going to leave, I wish you had told me that i needed a residence permit to take up a tenancy on your property before I moved in.

If you had maintained the property and it's contents to warrant my loyalty then I would have given you further notice, seeing as you haven't and I am residing in Switzerland illegally then I have already left.

Please find the keys enclosed

Fathers name

No forwarding address supplied
Tempting perhaps - until they find the son who is registered at that address and make him responsible for the lease. Bonne chance That sort of thing really does not help other ex-pats trying to find appartments- no wonder some regie/owners try to avoid some at all cost.
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