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Re: One in seven Swiss risk poverty: survey

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Don't forget that Switzerland is also home to a very large number of 'non practising millionaires' !

see for explanation
I'm not entirely sure about what he's written. I've got a window on to Baarerstrasse at work, and not an hour goes by without some sort of exotic stopping at the lights below where I sit. By exotic I mean a car that would attention in an ordinary city not known for having loads of wealthy people, rather than just expensive. Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, Corvette, Lamborghini, Lotus, etc. When I was a kid I think I saw one of these cars at most twice a year. Now it's each day. Throw in a huge number of Range Rovers and you get a pretty expensive picture of what the average Zug car is.

He's right about the place being less ostentatious than certain parts of London, but don't forget people who go to places like Nobu are often not paying for it themselves.

Also, property prices here can be pretty huge. I called about a PoA from an online site once, and it was 16M for a house by the lakefront. I'll probably wait until zombies take over most of the world before I put an offer in for it.