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Re: Moving out : Interesting Case

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If you are going to do the proper termination of the lease and give three months notice, be sure to do that next week. I found out today that most of these landlords don't do business towards the end of December and if you plan on using that April 1st move out date, so you don't have to present a tenant, you have to get that registered letter in now!
Also keep in mind we have very often moving dates. You can terminate (3 month in advance) to end of March, June, September and December and not in between.

You father has to terminate, not you, has he is the tenant

You can be held liable in case you father commits the crime not paying his bills. But this will be a law case and is not often pursuit, certainly not for 18k.

If you don't pay the rent, the landlord HAS the right to pursue you with all the belongings inside the apartment. To contrary belive 5 days past due day. (happen with me, i simple forgot, but was already sued next day) He will not wait 60 or 90 days smiling at you!

You will make for expats the live difficult.
We say, one happy customers brings you 3 more client, one unhappy one takes away 10 future customers.

Your landlord will talk about this "bloody" foreigners all over and everywhere! Next time he will ask 5 month security

As long as the letter is registered one day before December 31st your fine.
If your landlord is working these days or not is not relevant for you.
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