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Re: 13th salary and holiday allowance

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What you are talking about is known here as 13th and 14th month. It used to be common, but in the last few years (10) the number of companies having this system has reduced substantially. In any case it is disadvantageous to people paying tax through PAYE as each month is individually calculated thus when you have a large additional payment in one month you move up the tax bracket and lose more than if you simply were paid x% more per year spread evenly.

For large companies such as you mention there is no real way of finding out unless you ask people working for the company. Also note you would need to know what grade you are as some companies will say grades 1-7 receive a 13th salary and those in grades 8-15 don't!
Wouldn't be this be paid back to you then in April or so the following year Richard? I know I got some tax back this year from the 2006 year due to bonuses etc pushing up my tax bracket.
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