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Re: Home improvement and tax

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I'd doubt that they'd accept it then after only two years of use - arguing that it needs to be replaced for reasons of functionality or degradation will be difficult

Any idea how much it costs to do the work and how much you stand to gain?

Reason for asking is to balance the potential gain against the cost of advice. I was led to believe I could save A LOT on my current house build and burned EIGHT GRAND on tax advice, only to be told that I couldn't claim at all

Anyway - balance the cost of a tax advisor at CHF500 per hour against what you might save and see if its worth picking up the phone. But my gut-feel is that it would be a stretch
It happened to us too. I had one tax adviser rip us off, one charging for his time to advise us about tax declarations and what receipts we needed to keep and what we could claim ect, when he knew very well we had L permits and wouldn't have to complete a tax declaration The bill added up so fast - and he was charging friends for answering their queries on his bills. He even offered to pick a friend up from the station, beause he said he was going that way anyway, and then billed them for it

Well...he forgot to send me the final bill...9 years ago now

On topic: damaged tiles can be replaced and claimed as an expense eg, if the grout isn't water tight or tiles are cracked. However, there is a flat amount of 20% (for place 10 plus years old) that can be deducted for repairs without actually doing anything - and replacing a few tiles isn't going to be more than the 20%, so you might as well claim the flat rate and pay to replace your tiles.
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