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Re: No german, no work

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You think I am not nice? It's hard enough being a foreigner here sometimes, and when the Swiss do complain about people coming here to mooch off their social benefits, and it turns out they are right, it makes it even harder on the ones here, registered here, trying to follow the rules, and do the right thing.

The RAV is NOT going to help you right out the door. AND they are NOT the ones who give you any money. They will schedule you for an appointment within about a week. You will need to bring proper translator. They won't accept you if you speak choppy English or choppy German. As there are legal terms involved in the meeting.

They will then give you a stack of forms to complete, and in those forms they will ask for an Arbeitsbestaetigung from your previous employer. Which you won't get because you are working under the table. They will also ask for forms that prove that you are registered in Switzerland, which is sounds like you are not. Swiss people have to do this as well. Even those that never left the country but just moved from village to village. And since you don't have that it's a slim chance you won't even get the interview.

Now here is a new question...were you working for the last 2 years non stop in Spain? As you might qualify for something under EU commitments. This does not apply to NON EU citizens though.

So even if you found your way thru that...the RAV will only help you get a job or possibly recommend you for a language test to see if you qualify for German courses, and that may be a month well off.

If you want to have an apartment, you will have to find it on your own.

I think if the Au Pair experience isn't working out for you, you should just return to your home country, save up the proper money to take on the basic living expenses(apartment, health insurance, public transport halbstax, food, the flurry of taxes), and return when you can afford to live in Switzerland.

Why you should be a burden, then paying your own way, when you do have a choice is beyond me. It's not like you are fleeing a war zone, and came over the proper way. You are trying to get some one to foot the bill.

BTW, it's not a trial period if you are working un declared.
Ok, that explained a lot. So let me think, would it work if I finish my "trial" :P:P period, get out of here, register, pay a translator, go to RAV, say I was in a family helping and studying but without earning any money (I suppose I do not have to have a contract then...), ask for interviews, meanwhile pay rent with some money I saved up and ask for financial help the moment I get out of cash?
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