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Re: Health Insurance vs. Travel Insurancec

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to posting on this forum but have been exploring it with interest the past few weeks. I'm moving to Zurich to work as an au pair at the end of February.

My question is to do with this confusing health insurance. If i purchase a years worth of health/travel insurance here in New Zealand will that qualify as being covered for the swiss authorities or do i have to sign up with a swiss provider?

Thanks for your help.
There are possibilities in using foreign health insurance if you can prove that it carries the same level of cover as the Swiss policies. This can be a drawn out procedure, though, and you would have to pay up at treatment time and then claim the money back from your insurer.

Sometimes employers can guarantee the costs of health insurance but this is high risk and unlikely to be provided by an individual. As an au pair, though, it could be that your employer pays the medical insurance as part of your deal.
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