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Oh, the disseration. There's something I never ever want to do again. After I turned in my thesis, if my committee wanted me to change anything or do anything else I was pretty much of the mindset to tell them: "Take my thesis and shove it up your collective asses"

I like materials scientists, although I am organic myself. The key to not losing all of your social competence is to make sure to always have friends that aren't scientists. They'll keep you from becoming a total nerd and make you talk about things that aren't science related.
Arrgh! The ####ing dissertation. What an absolute torment that was. The final months before submitting it are still a blur to me.

The idea of having friends that are not scientists is spot-on. If you don't have that, things get very cringeworthy. At uni I did chemical engineering as well as analytical and organic chemistry. The chemistry lot was pretty small and very insular. As for the engineers... totally different, thank the gods. The engineers also had an unwritten but very strict rule against talking shop when not at uni, and that worked a treat in keeping nerdiness at bay.
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