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Re: Anti Anti Thread

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Are there any threads about what we don't hate about Switzerland? I mean, there is an endless complaint list about everything here. The worst, and most ridiculous and recent of which is a thread started about the aisle layout at shopping stores here, which makes me there no end to this/or is there nothing you people can't complain about?

I am a certified complainer, yet, the question begs to ask, if some of you are so angry, why not go the F back to where you are from?

Would anyone even complain about where the mayo was placed in their own country? I feel like some people are on a quest to get upset about nothing.


Here, I'll start, I "hate" how not everyone says hello to me as they pass me daily.
I think that it is natural for those who are out of their own country to find things that they don't understand or annoy them, and of course they then want to get feedback from others, if not just to observe the solidarity of the "raising of hands" to say, "I get what you mean! I feel the same way!"

Complaints Corner is the prime area for discussions to get heated, though, given that its threads consist of a lot of opinions rather than questions/answers/facts. But I find that a lot of the anger that you mention arises after the initial complaint, in response to the initial complaint (by those who don't agree) and then as a response to the responses. We are all quite capable of being annoyed by things; for most of us though our capacity to be annoyed is even higher when we are confronted by people who disagree with us. Add in the "truth serum" of the anonymity/facelessness of the internet, and it can be a pretty volatile equation.

However, if it wasn't for Complaints Corner, those threads about things that expats find annoying or can't quite grasp would be cluttering up the other sections of the forum. Right now they are conveniently located in one place, making it easy for members to find them if they like that sort of stuff, or avoid them if they don't!
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