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Get satellite, then you get all the regional programming. As my friend pointed out , you can get Grampian TV which is almost identical to STV Scotland except slower.


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Thanks to the set top box of our cable provider I can watch BBC one and two ,altough we get the Wales edition, and this is where my problem lies.

Now do understand me right, I have nothing against the welsh or wales per se,but I am getting a tad miffed when I want to watch a programme like 'nevermind the buzzcocks' or 'saxondale' and then the channel switches to BBC 2W,e.g. I get to see a welsh national programme which I am honestly not very much interested in.

I would like to write to our cable provider and ask them to change the setting to another edition of BBC one and two,but can we get in Switzerland other editions of these two channels and which ones would that be?

I want to write them with as much background info as I can get, to up the chances of a change and who knows they might even give in to my constant nagging and add more english channels
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