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Yes, one would expect it to be plain old BBC. Hubby doesn't want a dish, - now there's a surprise. Will it deface the building? Because if that's the case, there are other options. Also, it's all free to air.

Maybe your provider (was that the link to your provider, Evard) has BBC london in there somewhere.

Isn't Cablecom an option?
Nope Cablecom is not an option as they are responsible ( network issues?) for the City of Biel and a few suburbs,the rest is covered by Evard, that's the provider and we got the SD box of them,and nope they haven't got BBC London.

AFAIK, they get the channels themselves with a few superbig dishes on top of their building ( I can almost see it from here) and they then share it out amongst a small local network that feeds into mos tof the tiny villages around here up to Solothurn.

well the thing that ruffles my feathers is that two of our neighbours (both also friends of hubby) are in fact allowed to have the dishes, and they could conceal them very well on their patio respectively balcony.
It's because we are on the top floor without possibilty of hiding such a dish he doesn't want one, the other bummer is that the appartment block belongs to him and thus I can't do anything really.
He is also dead against this wall mounted white-ish boxes that are similar to a satellite dish

Oh well rant over and back to my initial question, so BBC London is freely available over air e.g. for Evard to feed then into their network?
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