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Re: referendum on limiting second homes

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This referandum affects the Swiss and the foreigners equally. It's trying to save many villages from becoming ghost towns. It's about time that something is being done.
What exactly is the difference between a village that becomes a ghost town when the ski seaons ends compared to a village that remains a ghost town throughout the year because they stopped the building of vacation homes

When these village planning counsels approved all of this construction, exactly how many children did they expect to go to the local schools from the people buying these holiday homes ?
Other than during the ski seasons, exactly how many pubs and restaurants were they seriously expecting to need throughout the year from people buying holiday homes ?

This is such a hypocritical, sour grapes bunch of BS.
  • These same villages didn't object to receiving the taxes paid when the houses were built and sold.
  • The local land owners didn't object to making their big profits selling off the farm land that was in the families for generations to the developers.
  • The villages didn't object to receiving the funds to extend the power, water, telephone and cable infrastructures for the new developments.
  • The developers didn't object to fleecing the people who could afford their big markups to buy the finished properties.
But NOW because the people who bought the vacation homes are not spending money the amount of money the villages unrealistically expected, suddenly it's all of the damn rich foreigners fault that these same remote towns are not getting richer ???

Jealousy, envy and hypocrisy really stink when brought out into the light of day
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