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Re: Non-EU B permit holder bought a house - my options when leaving CH

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Unbelievable. This person asks for some help and advice, since he\she is in tought situation, and what he\she gets instead is a crowd of useless grumblers that instead of helping waste their and his\her time.
This threat is 2 years old !?

Any yes, she spend a lot of money, possible she spend more time to consider a right buy when she is just buying a chocolate? An investment of this scale should be thoughtful made, with ALL considerations. People to easy forget that when something goes wrong, the bank still wants the mortgage back. I just inspected this week a house where the whole foundation is rotten, the steel beams completely rusted away and someone is buying this without taking notice. This is a repair job of 200,000-300,000. A pity if you petty cash box is empty. You can ignore it of course, but then in one, two years there will be a pile of rubble, own capital of 200,000 gone, mortgage of 500,000 to pay and 50,000plus cost to clean up. Hopefully no life lost, and I hope the "lucky" homeowner kept his/her household insurance updated.
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