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Re: Election of Bundesrat

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well my eldest gal has got all their Cd's they are a longstanding german punk rock band and sing in german too!
I am quite keen on stuff sung in German, but this wasn't so much singing as bawling.

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Their lyrics are some of the best I've ever read in German ! although I don't like the music that much.

I think It would only make sense for anyone in here to download it if they got a good understanding of high german and can sort of also read between the lines as they're texts often have got a double meaning
It was the shouting that did me in. To be honest, having dutifully listened to the full 48 minutes, and finding my ears assaulted, I was then reaching desperately for some gentler music. Thank you Eric Clapton and 461 Ocean Boulevard

That said, and with memories of my parents thinking the music I listened to was "a racket", I still have the download here, so can easily pop it onto a CD for your daughter. PM me if interested.
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